Love of Learning

Re-ignite and nurture a fierce passion for learning


Powerful Intellectual Development

KọStudents demonstrate rapid gains measured in SAT and AP performance, through an intellectually rigorous critical thinking program without the need to “teach to test”.  Our method is Socratic.


Accelerated Personal Development

Our students become significantly more responsible, compassionate, and purposeful.



The KọSchool community embraces the self-accountability for their learning and responsibilities to develop the skills to navigate the world effectively.


Real World Projects

Our students create and engage in spectacular real world projects.


Global Perspective

Our students develop a compassionate, global and cross-cultural mindset.

KọSchool’s academic approach is based on the belief that passionate lifelong learners and autodidacts will thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our unique academic program integrates key 21st century skills, such as programming and software development, video production, design, 3D printing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. More importantly, it develops the lifelong skills young people will need to be effective in diverse professional environments and in careers that cannot yet be imagined. KọSchool students are preparing for careers in the radically changing economy of the future while also excelling at conventional academic metrics.

Our Academic Results

College Credit

Kọ School students are encouraged to take College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams as early as 8th grade. Of our 9th grade students who have taken AP exams, 100% have passed, thus providing them with college credits beginning in grade 9.

SAT Gains

The average Kọ School student gains more than 150 points on their SAT scores annually, without the need to “teach to the test.”

University Entrance

With only two graduating classes and six graduates, Kọ School students have already been admitted to top universities in the U.S., including Parsons, ranked the #1 design school in the U.S., and Texas Lutheran University, ranked the #2 regional university in the western region.