What is a KoSchool Guide?

There is a reason that we call our staff guides and not teachers. Our guides are not conduits of knowledge or arbitrary authority figures. They help to lead our students through new challenges, both academically and personally, showing them how to find their own way instead of directing each step. They care deeply about the individual development of every single student in our community. They see learning alongside their students as a privilege and an exciting and important part of the job.


Open Jobs- Full-time, Part-time, and Single-class Guides

Being a guide is a demanding job. Our students and parents expect a level of engagement and attention much greater than they would get from other schools. Guides need to be solid enough in themselves that they can support young people (and their parents) during some of their most critical years.



There are four attributes that we look for in our Guides: flexibility, curiosity, compassion, and commitment to excellence.

Flexibility- We are a growing school. You will be asked to do things that you have never done before on a daily basis. You need to metabolize chaos and create structure. You have to be open and responsive to feedback at all levels: from the students, from the parents, and from your peers.

Curiosity- We need human venn-diagrams; people who not only have a huge diversity of interests but can thrive in the uncharted overlap between them. You need to embody the curiosity that leads to new growth and challenges.

Compassion- You have to care. Really care. You have to understand the struggles and triumphs that your students experience everyday at school and at home. You have to be able to draw clear boundaries for your students that respect their right to be seen and heard while still holding them accountable to their word.

Commitment to Excellence- This is not just some vague notion to us, but a real striving to create the best possible model for education. This requires a high degree of awareness and a critical eye for yourself, your students, and our organization. It also requires that you are not fixed on a single way of doing things. Instead, you need to be continuously improving your methods and processes through experimentation and analysis.

Being a guide is a new and unique kind of job, therefore there is not a specific set of experience requirements that we are looking for. That being said, there are a few things that are necessary and can be acquired from a number of different previous jobs.

-Ability to work with young people in a respectful way

-Ability to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences

-Willingness to try new technologies

Available Positions

We have three different job types with three different focuses available for the 2017/2018 school year. All job types are full year commitments.

Full-time Guide- A 40 hour a week position that requires teaching between 3-4 classes, and a combination of either administrative duties and/or personal mentorship and coaching with students. Ideal for people who are fully committed to the future of KoSchool and its community.

Part-time Guide- A 20 hour a week position that requires teaching between 2-3 classes, and a combination of either administrative duties and/or supervision of students doing independent work. Ideal for people who require some flexibility but still want to support our community.

Single-class Guide- A 3 contact hour per week position that requires teaching 1 class. Ideal for people that require a large amount of flexibility but still have something unique to offer our students.    

When applying, please pick a focus below. Prepare a proposal for a single, year-long class inside one of the focuses. Assume 2-3 hours of class time per week, no grades, but lots of detailed feedback. AP aligned is nice, but not necessary. Novel subjects welcome.


STEM Focus- Our STEM focused classes use new and interesting technologies to explore the intersection between scientific processes, design thinking, and analysis. They focus on process over content and are hands-on as much as is possible.

Humanities Focus- Our core Socratic humanities program requires a deep, authentic exploration of the world of ideas on the part of faculty and students alike. AP optional humanities courses should also be based primarily on intellectual inquiry. Writing is coached as a real world skill or practice rather than taught as a school subject.

Professional Project Focus- Our Professional Project classes develop real, modern skills in digital media, entrepreneurship, design, coding, and other high-demand career choices. Students also learn core project management practices so they can turn their ideas for projects into reality.


Please submit a resume, cover letter, a class proposal, and any other supporting information that you think would be useful to jobs@koschool.org.

A bit about KoSchool

KoSchool is taking on not only education but our society’s views of teen potential and the potential of educational environments. We strive to create a space where students are internally motivated because they believe their time is being spent in ways that are growing them and where they can explore their identity with peer and mentor support.

The foundation of our program is personal relationships between guides, students, and families. We stay in close communication and build genuine relationships. Our grade-free evaluations provide deep feedback, not only on individual performance, but also on attitude, cultural support, and the group’s performance.

Students participate in three core class: Authentic Leadership, Socratic Seminar, and Problem Solving. Authentic Leadership is a mix of “human” skills (effective communication, dealing with stress, etc.) and real world projects. In Socratic Seminar, students read and discuss diverse texts taken from a wide array of sources and  utilize peer feedback to grow their writing skills. In Problem Solving students  work on variety of difficult group problems that develop critical and scientific thinking, supported by traditional math practice through Khan Academy.

In the afternoon, Ko students have the choice of project electives and AP optional academic courses. Although grade level (and more importantly intellectual abilities) plays a role in goal creation, our courses are mixed grade and grade level comes up infrequently. The KoSchool academic experience culminates in a senior project and seminar.