KọLab Summer Enrichment Program


To further our mission of developing intellectually powerful, lifelong learners, a team of KọSchool students and faculty has designed a summer program for students of ages 13–16 that introduces students to subjects central to KọSchool’s mission. Over the course of one week this July, we will build the skills fundamental to authentic leadership, social creativity, and intellectual curiosity.


First Session Runs Monday July 10–Friday July 14

Second Session Runs Monday July 24–Friday July 28


9:30–10:30 am | Improv & Authentic Leadership

Each morning, we begin by developing self-confidence, public speaking skills, empathy, and control of attention through the lens of improvised theater. We begin the program learning the fundamentals of improv, and, through a variety of fun, high-energy games and activities, leave with the skills to tell stories individually and collaboratively, be expressive with our voices and bodies, and create characters from our own emotions and experiences.


10:30–11:30 am | Socratic Dialogue

Whereas the practice of debate places contending perspectives against one another, dialogue is focused on the understanding and exploration of ideas, as well as the developing our own ideas and relating them to the world. Through the practice of Socratic dialogue, we discuss texts on a wide range of topics, and in so doing learn more about the world through others’ eyes, how we define our own beliefs, and how we can effectively communicate and receive those of others.


11:30 am–12:15 pm | Lunch

Bring your own lunch and eat it in our classroom or outside on our upstairs patio. A microwave is available for reheatables. Or bring money to buy a delicious, healthy meal downstairs in the Casa de Luz dining hall.


12:15 pm–3:15 pm | Afternoon Activities

After lunch, we engage in a range of activities, either leaving our campus to enjoy and explore Central Austin or inviting a guest to come share their story and lead a workshop. Activities include visiting Zilker Park, swimming at Barton Springs, workshops in digital art, and makerspace activities.


Interested in joining us?

Tuition at KoLab is $400 dollars per week for a single student or $650 for two siblings. Click here to sign up and ask any questions you have about the program.